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Bonus for rains 2023: how much is the amount and where to go to register?

Bonus for rains 2023: how much is the amount and where to go to register?

following the damage caused by cyclone Yaku in his passage through the regions of the north coast of peruhe Ministry of Housing, Construction and Sanitation (MVCS) announced that it will award Housing Lease Bond for Emergencies (BAE)), which consists of a financial assistance In order to serve people in a short time, whose houses have ended up affected by the extreme rains. How much is the amount of this subsidy and where to go to be registered? We tell you here.

Bonus for rains: how much is the amount?

For example, in the region Lambayeque62 houses affected by the floods. This was confirmed by the minister of the sector, Hania Perez de Cuellarwho indicated that this monetary delivery of S/500 will be destined to families, whose houses have been declared uninhabitable or have been completely destroyed. This monthly amount will be for a period of two years and It will allow families to rent a property.

Bonus for rains: where to sign up?

The head of the housing sector He reported that The call is open and the people affected can now approach the municipalities to receive the registration, that will allow them to access the Leasing Bonus.

“The municipalities are already working on the register. The entire team from the Housing subsector is here. We must make sure that these registers are correctly filled out to prevent those who do not need to take away the opportunity from others,” said Pérez de Cuéllar.

“I want to ask the citizens and mayors that they begin to do that work of registration. We, through the citizen service centers, can advise on how to complete this filling, “he said in an interview with RPP.

He noted that as long as there is flooding in homes it will be difficult to measure the level of affectation of each property. “You have to suction and assess the level of damage to qualify that home as uninhabitable or destroyed,” she said. Also, those affected may apply at the headquarters of their respective municipalities, indicating the data of the house they will rent. In addition, the families that access this subsidy will be able to collect it through the offices of the National bank.

“Local governments have to make a register, the famous EDAN, (to) fill out the register of people who are left homeless. Once filled, the Ministry technicians They make sure that the register is correct and from there a ministerial resolution is made to activate the bonds. We have up to 10 days for families to collect that bonus.”said Perez de Cuellar.

Complementary help for those who do not appear in the register

In case there are people who do not appear in the list of beneficiaries, the minister indicated that regardless of the S/500 bonus, 1,000 modules have been purchased especially for this group or for those who have not completed the process.

Source: Larepublica

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