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AFP withdrawal: how to request up to S / 18,400 this June 30 if your ID ends in 3?

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The order for members of the Private Pension System (SPP) can request their savings was established according to the last digit of the users’ DNI. In this way, those whose identity document ended on the 9th, were the first to be able to register your request to withdraw up to S/ 18,400 from June 13.

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In the first days of this third week, affiliates with number 4 at the end of their DNI have already been able to request their money. Know who belongs to this thursday 30 June go to consultaretiroafp.pe and ask for your funds. Remember that Wednesday, June 29, was a holiday for the Day of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, so the website was not available.

Who will be able to apply for their AFP this Thursday, June 30?

On Thursday, June 30 and Friday, July 1, affiliates may request up to S/ 18,400 of their funds, whose last digit of your ID is 3.

Who will be able to request their AFP this week?

This third week corresponds to members whose identity document ends in 4 and 3. Last Monday and Tuesday, those with the digit 4 were able to process their order, while this Thursday, June 30, and Friday, July 1, they are able to register those who have the number 3 at the end of their DNI.

Will I be able to request my AFP if I did not process it on the date established according to my DNI?

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Yes. Remember that if you did not apply on the dates corresponding to the order established according to the last digit of the members’ DNI, you will still there is a second schedule that goes from July 12 to 25. And, after that, from July 26 to September 10, the term will be free for the latecomers.

When will I receive my savings?

Disbursements will be made in three parts every 30 days. In this way, the first installment will be up to 1 UIT as of Wednesday, July 13, taking into account the affiliates who registered their order on the first date (June 13). The second disbursement will be up to 1 UIT from August 12 and the third of up to 2 UIT from September 12.

Schedule for AFP withdrawal

Infographic-The Republic.

How to request the withdrawal of my AFP?

  • The first step is to enter http://www.consultaretiroafp.pe/. The link will bring up a page welcoming affiliates. At the bottom, you need to click on the button that says ‘I want to withdraw‘.
  • Next, it will load another page in which they explain frequently asked questions among members of the AFP and they also detail the schedule for submitting withdrawal requests. After reading carefully, you should click on the bottom button that says ‘start request‘.
  • The next window is for you to enter your personal data to start the withdrawal process. You must have your ID at hand and your bank account number. If your document is expired, you can still use it; but if it was issued after May 31, you’d better make use of the earlier one. After filling in your information, you must select ‘I am not a robot’ and press the ‘consult’ button.
  • If your DNI number ends in the digit 8, you will see the following window, which will ask you to verify your identity. In this case, you must enter the web key of your AFP. If you have doubts about it, you can see our guide about it. Next, you will need to select ‘validate’.
  • Sometimes a message will appear stating that they can’t handle your request and that you try again in a few minutes. It could be that the platform is very saturated. Try to refresh the page and continue with the process.
  • After a few updates to the page, you will be able to continue with the process. When validating your identity and web password of your AFP, the system will indicate that you can make the withdrawal, for this you must press on ‘register request’.
  • Then they will tell you on the platform some suggestions to invest and take advantage of your AFP money, you must click on ‘it is understood‘.
  • Finally, you will need to complete three steps. The first: decide the amount to withdraw according to your contributions. Second: you will register your personal data (DNI, address, choose the bank to which the money will be deposited, complete your account number without CCI, email and telephone). Third: a summary of your procedure will appear.

Source: Larepublica

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