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Municipal banks would stop granting credits less than S / 9,200

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Last Monday, June 27, the Economy Commission of the Congress of the republic approved the opinion that seeks to recognize as “good payer” those people who accessed a loan and complied with their payments for more than 6 consecutive months, and that with that requalification interest rates are reduced.

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The measure would apply to people who have received consumer loans, low-amount consumer loans and loans for micro and small businesses (mypes) whose amount is equal to or less than 2 UIT (S / 9,200) and that have been punctually complying with the payment of their loans. And this qualification would be lost if they are late in payment for more than 8 days, adjusting again to the initial interest rate.

In this regard, the Peruvian Federation of Municipal Savings and Credit Banks (Fepcmac) was against it and pointed out that – if the measure is enacted – the microfinance institutions would stop giving loans of up to S / 9,200, which is the amount to which the opinion points. .

“We are going to have to raise our ticket and lend to debtors who have a credit greater than that amount. The law would make Parliament the one to manage the portfolio of the savings banks, which would discourage loans to these small borrowers and goes against the purpose of the rule, which is the financial inclusion. There is an absolute ignorance of how the industry moves”, pointed out Jorge Solís, president of Fepcmac.

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The representative of the municipal boxes He explained that there are currently qualification parameters and each financial entity manages credit risk through factors such as cash flow, payment capacity, borrowers’ solvency and equity, in order to determine credit and interest. “It is not only because of the willingness to pay, as Congress wants to establish it.”

Solis added that This measure would not impact the banks so much, but it would impact the microfinance institutions, which are the entities that give microcredits to mypes and natural persons.

“This measure does not affect corporate loans, it does not affect banks. For this reason, the banks have not spoken out, because it is not up to them, ”he said.

It should be noted that this opinion is still pending debate in the plenary session of the Congress of the Republic.

Measure on credits from municipal savings banks could affect microfinance institutions. Photo: diffusion


Rates would go up. The SBS He pointed out that this measure would cause entities to raise interest rates, and then comply with reducing them.

Other incentives. The SBS and Fepcmac indicated that currently customers can access lower rates than those agreed upon through debt purchases.

Source: Larepublica

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