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8M: workers have the right to one day of leave to examine breast and cervical cancer

8M: workers have the right to one day of leave to examine breast and cervical cancer

Today, March 8, commemorates the International Women’s Day, an important date of the year that invites us to reflect on the recognition of their opportunities in the social and labor field. On this last point, in legal matters, did you know that exclusively women Are they entitled to a day of paid leave? What is it about? We tell you here.

Who does the license for breast and cervical cancer screening apply to?

According to Law No. 31561 (“Prevention of cancer in women and the strengthening of specialized cancer care”), female workers in the public and private sectors have the right to take one day a year to attend early detection tests for breast and cervical cancer.

License must be compensated?

This law also includes women who They provide services to the Peruvian National Police and the Armed Forces. According to the norm, the license does not need to be compensated by the worker. What does this mean? That you should not return the day you requested for the oncological tests.

The National Superintendence of Labor Inspection (Sunafil) assures that theCompanies that fail to grant work licenses may receive a sanction, since this fault is typified in the Regulation of the General Law of Labor Inspection as a very serious offence.

Early detection of this deadly disease is essential to combat it. “In Peru, 85% of breast cancer cases are diagnosed at an advanced stage and only 15% early,” said Adolfo Dammert, president of the League Against Cancer.

To reduce these worrying figures, he urged all Peruvian women to go for mammograms from the age of 40, since “95% of this type of cancer (breast) has the option of being cured if it is detected on time ”.

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