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Executive will seek to convert 10,000 vehicles to electric motor

Executive will seek to convert 10,000 vehicles to electric motor

The Ministry of Production announced that, in the coming weeks, a package of measures will be launched in order to promote electromobility in Peru. Likewise, the target audience will be taxi drivers who still keep their vehicles fueled. He also indicated that it is planned to activate bonds to stimulate the conversion to electric motors among citizens.

“We are preparing a normative and regulatory package that must be presented to Congress. Also, the delivery of a bonus is expected for users who want to convert their traditional engine to an electric one, which will generate less pollution and more savings,” said Raúl Pérez Reyes, Minister of Production, during the presentation of the first public fast charging station for electric cars in Luz del Sur.

In this way, they hope that the measure reach up to 10,000 transports, which would begin to operate electrically.

“After the standard is approved, we believe that, in the first year, we could convert 10,000 vehicles to electric motors. Previously, we would have to work on training and certification processes for this process,” Pérez added. In addition, he specified that work must be done hand in hand with other ministries, such as Transportation and the Environment.

Greater savings

the market of electric and hybrid vehicles has been presenting a positive rise in recent years. In total, to date, 2,680 cars of this type have been sold in Peru, which represents a growth of 84.21% compared to 2021, according to SUNARP figures. Similarly, in the first two months of 2023, the number of cars purchased was approximately 20.

It should be noted that the most commercialized electrified vehicles were conventional hybrids (2,048), pure electric (165 units) and plug-in hybrids (107), according to the Automotive Association of Peru.

Among the main attractions of this type of car for users, apart from the reduced amount of CO2 it emits compared to a gasoline car, is the low cost of its maintenance.

“A kilometer of transport or transfer in an electric vehicle costs you S/1 and in a combustion one it can cost you S/2. In addition, the maintenance cost of an electric vehicle is 50% or 79% cheaper than others. There are savings there,” Mario Gonzáles, general manager of Luz del Sur, told La República.

He also pointed out that one of the big problems facing the implementation of these cars is the high price of their importation. “Incentives have not been given in Peru compared to other countries, in which tariffs have been reduced to be able to bring more electric vehicles. For example, in Colombia and Chile many incentives have been given, ”he concluded.

Source: Larepublica

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