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“We do not have capacity”: Viva Air president affirms that they do not have money to return affected passengers

“We do not have capacity”: Viva Air president affirms that they do not have money to return affected passengers

The director of the airline argued that they do not have an option return to passengers the amount of your purchased tickets. In this context, he emphasized that the petty cash they have left will serve for a possible settlement.

After the untimely closure of operations that harmed thousands of passengers, including Peruvians, by being stranded in the region’s airports, the interim president of Viva Air, Francisco Lalinde, assured that the airline “does not have the capacity” to return the amount to users who bought tickets.

“At this time, we do not have the capacity (to return the money). (…) That money from the tickets, if we enter the liquidation process, enter as debts that the company has. We are in the process of Law 550 and the first category that it determines in terms of response is employees,” he told Mananas Blue Radio de Colombia.

He added that if the company enters settlementmust urgently attend To their workers. “We have to be realistic. At this moment, I have to give priority to the commitments I have with Viva’s collaborators”, he pointed out.

Regarding the complaints of thousands of users about the ticket sales on MondayPrior to the announcement of the suspension of activities, the Viva Air executive responded as follows: “Since Thursday of the previous week, we had been looking to speak with Civil Aeronautics.”

“The minister knew that we were at risk of closing operations between Monday and Tuesday. And the director of Aerocivil had a WhatsApp from us. We had to resolve the legal aspects first,” Lalinde defended himself. Also, she noted that the closure of Viva is not blackmailing the Colombian government to authorize the integration between Viva Air and Avianca.

Let us remember that the Civil Aeronautics of Colombia rejected the integration between Viva Air and Avianca after alleging that this union could affect competition and would entail the risk of a monopoly in the market.

Source: Larepublica

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