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Fuel prices: how much did the values ​​of gasoline and diesel rise in this 2022?

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Millions of Peruvians have been suffering the consequences of the increase in the price of fuels, such as gasoline and diesel, Petroleum derivatives. In the local market, the value of the gas became more expensive up to S / 7 so far in 2022. This is the case of gasohol of 95, which suffered a variation of 41.27% this year. Today, on average, it costs S/ 24.10 a gallon, while in January its value was S/ 17.06.

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On the other hand, 90% gasohol is 31.22% more expensive than at the beginning of the year. Currently, it is available at S/ 21.27, while in January its price was S/ 16.21. Also, the vehicular diesel rose 28%, since in the first month its average price was S/ 13.4, and in June it exceeds S/ 17, according to data from Osinergmin.

Option. There is a proposal that Petroperú have its own taps. Photo: Antonio Melgarejo/The Republic

Since the last week of March, the 84 and 90 octane gasolinejust like him 84 gasohol octane and the LPG in bulk entered the Fuel Price Stabilization Fund (FEPC). In this line, the Government ordered that, as of April 3, several of these fuels do not pay selective consumption tax (ISC). This exoneration ends on Thursday, June 30.

Why did the price of gasoline go up?

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Researcher Jorge Manco Zanconetti, from the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos (UNMSM), maintains that the complicated position of the Peruvian market has to do with dependence on the imported fuel. In this way, we are exposed to external factors such as the war between Russia and Ukraine.

As a short-term solution, Manco proposed the granting of loans to arrange for the conversion of vehicles to vehicular natural gas (NGV). “We should promote or finance, I am not saying give away, the conversion to natural gas, which costs approximately S/ 5,000. We are more than 2.2 million vehicles in the country and only 270,000 are CNG”, she argued.

The average price of Texas Intermediate Oil (TWI) increased by 132.99% in the last two years. In this way, it went from US$47.02 per barrel in December 2020 to US$109.55 in May of this year, according to the United States Energy Information Administration (EIA).

The price of fuel in Peru depends directly on its international valuation. Photo: Gerardo Marin/The Republic

How to know the price of gasoline in real time?

The Supervisory Agency for Investment in Energy and Mining (Osinergmin) has available the easy application, which allows you to check the price of fuels, such as gasohol, CNG, LPG, diesel and domestic gas cylinder. This portal provides up-to-date information on authorized dealers. Learn how to enter below.

  • Access the address www.facilito.gob.pe
  • Enter one of the options: liquid fuels, CNG or LPG
  • Choose the region where you want to check prices
  • Select province, district and the product to review.

Source: Larepublica

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