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Agrorural bought US$ 55 million of urea from an unqualified company

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The members of the evaluation committee of Agro-rural not only did they buy 73 thousand tons of urea at a much more expensive price than the Brazilian company MF Fertilizadores. This supplier also did not meet the requirements demanded by the bases of the acquisition process.

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The Office of the Comptroller General of the Republic issued a report that records several deficiencies committed by the evaluation committee, apparently with the purpose of favoring the company MF Fertilizadores, to which it gave a score of 100 points, despite the fact that it did not qualify.

As reported by La República, the evaluation committee of Agrorural, an organization that was entrusted with the urgent purchase of urea to avoid a food crisis, disqualified the proposal of the US firm Global Investments Group (GIG), because it presented in the language English ISO certificates. Under this pretext, the committee members did not open GIG’s offer envelope, which was for US$650 per ton.

On the other hand, the Brazilian MF Fertilizers quoted at US$760 a ton: US$110 more than the proposal of the North American GIG.

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The evaluation committee approved MF Fertilizers even though it submitted documents in Portuguese, and not in Spanish as indicated in the bases of the acquisition process, according to the Comptroller’s report.

To pick the mouth

“MF Fertilizadores presented its company constitution in Portuguese, one of the requirements being the presentation of the offer in Spanish, in this sense, it is evident that the aforementioned company did not comply with the requirements established in numeral 4.3 of the technical specifications. ”, indicates the control body.

In other words, the Agrorural evaluation committee applied the rules to disqualify the American company GIG, which offered the cheapest price and delivery of the product in a single trip, in favor of the more expensive proposal from MF Fertilizadores, which proposed the supply of the urea in two parts.

Another observation of the Comptroller’s Office is that MF Fertilizers did not include the minimum percentage of granulometry of the product, a mandatory data required in the technical specifications of the contest, which, if not fulfilled, would put the quality of the product at risk.

“The company MF Fertilizers in its proposal did not state the minimum percentage of granulometry. However, the Negotiation Committee in this regard qualified as if the company had complied with said characteristic; for which they considered it suitable for the evaluation of price and delivery time”, indicates the Comptroller

From this assertion it can be deduced that the evaluation committee accommodated the entire process so that the Brazilian MF Fertilizers obtained the award, with a price US$ 8 million more expensive than its competitor and failing to comply with the technical requirements.

In addition, the Comptroller detected that MF Fertilizers had promised to deliver a first batch of 40 thousand tons of urea in 35 days, but counting from the receipt of a Letter of Credit, and not from the notification of the acceptance of the offer, as stipulates the technical specifications of the tender.

Therefore, the controlling body warns that there is a risk that the urea will not arrive in time for this year’s agricultural campaign, which is the main reason for the acquisition of the product.

on a silver platter

“Regarding the delivery conditions, offered by MF Fertilizers, it is evident that the 35-day term for the first delivery, offered by the aforementioned company, is conditional on the receipt of the Letter of Credit”, indicates the Comptroller’s report .

Those responsible for these events are the members of the evaluation committee of Agrorural: the president, Leónidas Oscco Sihui; Juan Guerrero Ochoa (first member); Daniel Moscoso Vargas (second member); Catherine Navarro Acosta de Herrera (third member); and Carlos Ortíz Lluquín (fourth member).

The five awarded the maximum of 100 points to the Brazilian company MF Fertilizers, despite the deficiencies that this supplier presented and the committee overlooked in an obvious act of favoritism.

The Comptroller reported to the Ministry of Agrarian Development and Irrigation (Midagri) to take corrective measures on this bidding process that presents very serious irregularities in a process that should have been transparent from start to finish.

Source: Larepublica

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