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Mincetur: “Safeguards for Chinese clothing continues to be technically evaluated”

Mincetur: “Safeguards for Chinese clothing continues to be technically evaluated”

Commission that integrates together with the MEF and Produce does not reach an agreement, despite the claim of the mypes to balance competition in the market.

The ministries of Economy and Finance (MEF), Production (Produce) and Foreign Trade and Tourism (Mincetur) have not yet determined whether they will apply safeguards to Asian garments entering the Peruvian market.

“There is no agreement. It is being technically evaluated and in this area it will be the pronouncement,” said the head of Mincetur, Luis Helguero, referring to the report —kept under lock and key— from Indecopi that the Multisectoral Commission is evaluating.

Previously, the head of the MEF, Alex Contreras, announced that the safeguards “would represent a danger” for mypes because it would bring “retaliatory measures” that are detrimental to the local industry (that is, China could raise tariff rates for products that we export to them).

That is why Contreras bets more on “interventions that help the reactivation of mypes”, a criterion alien to their claim.

However, the former Vice Minister of Mype and Industry Juan Carlos Mathews recalled that if the technical parameters of the World Trade Organization (WTO) there would be no inconvenience to regret.

“We must demonstrate that two things are fulfilled to apply the safeguards: the explosive growth in the importation of a product from a certain country, as before 60,000 were bought and now 500,000 (sic) and the damage to the local industry”explained to The Republic.

Source: Larepublica

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