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Mivivienda Fund: how to access the subsidies granted by the State to buy a property?

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Acquiring your first home can be a challenge for many users, especially for those who do not have the necessary funds to meet the monthly payments required in most financing. Because of this, the Condition provides the ability to access economic benefits that help citizens to pay a higher initial amount, which will reduce the subsequent installments for the payment of the new home that they are looking to buy.

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In this regard, Ian Kishimoto, general manager of the ecological real estate company Alerces, affirms that interested parties should be informed more about the bonuses that the State grants to people willing to acquire their own home, in line with the increased demand, since the Central Reserve Bank of Peru (BCRP) announced that mortgage credit registered a monthly increase of 0.9% in April.

The most important subsidies provided by the Government are Mivivienda Verde Bonus and the Good Payer Bonus (BBP), both granted through the Mivivienda Fund.

Kishimoto recalled that the Mivivienda Verde Bonus is a benefit that is given to users who acquire a property through the New Mivivienda Credit eco-friendly. This means, a house that has been built with environmentally friendly materials in order to reduce expenses in the payment of electricity and water. The bonus is S/ 5,100 and is non-refundable, applicable for the initial fee.

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On the other hand, the Good Payer Bonus (BBP) It can also be requested after obtaining a loan from intermediary financial institutions with the new Mivivienda credit. This subsidy only applies to real estate valued at less than 50 UIT or of social interest. “This benefit varies between S/ 6,000 and S/ 24,000, taking as a reference that the greatest support is for lower value departments,” said the Alerce executive.

He also recalled that the Good Payer Bonus (BBP) can be added to the Mivivienda Verde Bonus to reduce the costs of monthly payments on the home you are looking to buy.

Next, review the requirements to be able to request the financial aid provided by the State to be able to acquire a own housing.

What are the requirements to access the Mivivienda Verde Bonus?

  • Be of legal age.
  • Be qualified as credit subject by the financial entity through which the financing will be granted.
  • Not be the owner of another home nationwide.
  • Not having credits pending payment with the Mivivienda Fund.
  • Not having had housing support from the State (Mivivienda Fund, Own Roof, Material Bank).

What are the requirements to access the Good Payer subsidy?

  • Be a natural person resident in Peru. Likewise, Peruvians residing abroad can also access.
  • Not be the owner or co-owner of another home in Peru
  • Have been qualified as credit subject by a financial institution.
  • The applicant must have a down payment of at least 7.5 percent of the value of the home of interest
  • Neither the person who will apply for the subsidy nor their partner or spouse must have previously acquired a home financed by the MiVivienda Fund, the Materials Bank or Fonavi. It applies even when the applicants do not own said home.

Source: Larepublica

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