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ADEX: Peruvian exports would grow between 2% and 5% in 2023

ADEX: Peruvian exports would grow between 2% and 5% in 2023

The country maintains the macroeconomic fundamentals to continue with its positive performance this year as it did in 2022, maintains the business union.

Despite the complex scenario due to the global slowdown and internal political instability, theace peruvian exports they could grow between 2% and 5% this 2023estimates Edgar Vásquez Vela, director of the Center for Research on Global Economy and Business of the Association of Exporters CIEN-ADEX.

The representative of the business union stressed that The country maintains the macroeconomic fundamentals that allowed it to close 2022 positively. “If this crisis is overcome in the short term, we will have a favorable scenario,” he said at the event “Trends in the Peruvian economy in 2023 and the impact on companies” after pointing out that Last year our exports reached a historical record by adding US$63.200 million, achieving a growth of 4% compared to 2021 (US$60.919 million).

In addition, he stressed that Peruvian international trade is based on the high integration achieved with the main trading partners, since 22 free trade agreements are in force with 58 countries that cover 90% of exports.

export diversification

On the other hand, Vásquez Vela pointed out that although mining is the main export subsector in Peru (60% representation), the work of national companies in their continuous progress in the diversification of the export basket and in the search for new destinations. “In 2022, Peru exported 5,000 different products to more than 116 destinations”held.

“The main mineral is copper and it has an interesting growth perspective due to the development of the automotive industry and the increase in its use in manufacturing,” he added. In addition, he recalled that Peru is the second largest producer in the region.

Likewise, he highlighted the increase in the number of Peruvian companies that venture into the export sector, which totaled 9,000 in 2022 and had a positive impact on the generation of 4,200,000 direct, indirect and induced jobs.

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