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How much is the dollar today? Purchase and sale price this June 15 in Peru

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Know the price of the dollar today in the main banks and the parallel dollar. This Wednesday, June 15, the american currency it remains at S/ 3,758 soles.

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According to the portal cualestaeldolar.pe, the price of the parallel dollar in Peru is located at S/ 3,745 for purchase and S/ 3,780 for sale.

Exchange rate today at BCP, BBVA, Interbank and other banks

Bank Purchase Sale
BCP 3,676 3,829
interbank 3,658 3,817
BVBA 3,695 3,812
scotiabank 3,723 3,823
National bank 3,700 3,860

On the other hand, the Bloomberg agency reports that the exchange rate is quoted at S/ 3,754 per dollar at the opening.

What is the ‘Ocoña’ dollar or informal exchange rate?

The ‘Ocoña’ dollar is the ‘street dollar’ or the informal exchange rate that is traded in the informal market or exchange houses. It has its origin in the Ocoña jirón located in the historic Plaza San Martín in downtown Lima.

Why does the price of the dollar go up or down?

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When there is a large amount of dollars in circulation, it is said that this currency has liquidity and its price falls. On the contrary, its price increases when its availability is scarce compared to the demand for the currency.

What is the best time to exchange dollars?

The best range of hours to buy or sell dollars is between 9:00 am and 1:00 pm Financial entities or exchange houses have better prices after the opening of the foreign exchange market.

Why is the exchange rate important?

The exchange rate serves as an indicator of a country’s competitiveness with the rest of the world (real interest rate): it relates the internal prices of national production with international prices.

How much does high interest rates in banks affect the economy?

Source: Larepublica

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