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The price of gas in Arequipa fell: how much is it and where are the cheapest sold?

The price of gas in Arequipa fell: how much is it and where are the cheapest sold?

Bottled LPG decreased its cost after normalizing the entry of tankers. Compare the most affordable prices in the city of Arequipa.

By mid-February, the price of a 10-kilo gas cylinder began to drop in price, according to the Supervisory Agency for Investment in Energy and Mining (Osinergmin). At the regional level, this input is sold from S/40 to S/63. The cost offered by each distributor varies and is constantly changing, due to the demand that the liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) packing.

Users can access the application easy, of Osinergmin, which shows various points of sale by district, with the aim that each citizen can get the most economical gas cylinder.

What are the prices of gas cylinders in the stores in Arequipa?

In the case of the 10-kilo gas cylinder, which it is sold from S/40 to S/63 in several companies in the province of Arequipa.

depending on the platform easy, this resource is offered more economically by Z Gas, in the district of Paucarpata, at S/40. Next, there is Masgas in Characato, at S/40.5, and Pecsagas in Cerro Colorado, at S/41.

The cheapest in other districts are Galagas (Mariano Melgar) at S/42, Masgas (Cayma) at S/43 and Sursa (Socabaya) at S/44. Also Progas (José Luis Bustamante y Rivero) at S/45, Llamagas (Socabaya) at 45 and Llamagas (Hunter) at S/45.

District Brand Address Price
paucarpata Z Gas Avenida Jesús n° 722 block B, lot 11, Urbanization 15 de enero S/40
characato masgas Zone 2 association Nuevo Characato block C lot. 14 S/40.5
Colorado Hill pecsagas La Cuarentenaria apple B, lot 04, artisan mechanics S/41
Mariano Melgar galagas Urbanization Alto San Martin calle Panamá 201 S/42
characato Solgas Other zone 2 association Nuevo characato mza. c lot. 14 S/42.5
cayma masgas Zone B, Rafael Belaunde E lot 14 association (in front of the Adventist church) S/43
Colorado Hill Solgas Human settlement Víctor Andrés Belaunde zone A, J-10 S/43
cayma PrimaxGas Oh. Association for Housing First of June P-2 Lot 9 Zone B S/43
socabaya Sursa Miguel Grau Street 212 S/44

Finally, the establishments with the highest prices are Lima Gas (Characato) at S/55, Lima Gas (Mariano Melgar) at S/56 and gas flames (Cerro Colorado) to S/63. Regarding this last distributor, on the Arequipa-Yura highway, local media recently reported that the 10-kilo balloon began to be sold at S/40.


As recalled, at the end of January there was a strong shortage of bottled LPG, due to protests against the Government of Dina Boluarte. The road blockade did not allow the entry of tankers from Ica and the 10-kilo balloon was sold for up to S/50 and S/70. For Monday, February 20, a new strike was called and peaceful protests were announced.

Source: Larepublica

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