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Peru vs. Australia: Gamarra sold up to S / 1.5 million in a day before the playoff

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The playoff Peru vs. Australia, which will define the qualification for the Qatar 2022 World Cup, boosted sales of shirts, sportswear and even the new turbans in the commercial emporium of Gamarra. Since last week there have been daily sales for S/ 1 million due to the soccer situation, and Saturday, June 11, was the most prosperous day for textile businesses.

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The president of the Gamarra Peru Business Association, Susana Saldaña, told La República that, on Saturday, sales reached up to S/ 1.5 million. “It is the first time in two years (due to the pandemic) that we see such a large audience. The only day that has been more similar to what was recorded in Russia 2018 it was yesterday,” said the representative of the merchants.

The national team’s turbans: the new fashion in Gamarra

One of the most innovative and best-received products among the public of Gamarra was the turban with reasons of the Peruvian selection. “It is a very colorful garment and has generated a lot of expectation, it has broken schemes. Entrepreneurs have put specific designs that had not been seen, “said Saldaña.

This typical garment of Arab culture has been adapted in Gamarra with images of the selected Peruvians, as well as with La’eeb, the World Cup mascot. In addition, jackets, jumpsuits, shorts, hats, children’s clothes, clothes for babies, pets and more have been made.

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“There were very particular requests, such as tablecloths, bedding, curtains, among other products. They are very fans of the national team who want to have the whole house in red and white”, explained the union leader.

The turbans of the Peruvian team are the novelty for this Gamarra campaign before the repechage. Photo: Gerardo Marin/The Republic

Gamarra hopes to recover 15,000 jobs if Peru qualifies for the World Cup

The entrepreneurs of Gamarraespecially those who sell sportswear, announced that they will not abide by the holiday decreed by the Government and will open their stores this Monday, June 13, playoff day, from 8.00 a.m. m. “There is no time to rest, we have to take advantage of this opportunity. We are still far from a 100% recovery. In the sports sector they were barely 30%”, said Saldaña.

In the event that Peru qualifies for the World Cup, they plan to produce and sell at least one million garments. Thus, they would recover some 15,000 jobs lost during the pandemic. As they pointed out, some 1,500 textile workshops had been working for this sports campaign and if Ricardo Gareca’s team achieves its objective, they hope to add another 3,500 to cover the demand.

Source: Larepublica

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