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Qatar 2022: sales would rise by up to 80% with the qualification of Peru

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Monday June 13 is a decisive date for the Peruvian soccer team because its classification will be defined World Cup Qatar 2022but it will also be for thousands of Peruvian businessmen who could benefit directly from this triumph.

Qatar fashion and more

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Among the main commercial conglomerates in Lima, the Mesa Redonda entrepreneurs have the most optimistic sales growth projection. Thus, until November of this year they project an increase in their sales by 80% if the World Cup pass is achieved.

“Since most of us are importers, we are looking to bring innovative things. We are going to bring souvenirs such as glasses alluding to the Peruvian team and the World Cup,” said Pablo Goytizolo, spokesman for the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Round table.

In the commercial emporium of Gamarra, the projection reaches 50%. “Businessmen, especially in the sports sector, are making strenuous efforts to support themselves. The classification is going to help consolidate its recovery and also help other businesses that closed during the pandemic to reopen,” said Susana Saldaña, president of the Gamarra Peru Business Association.

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Saldaña commented that entrepreneurs make the best of their creativity available to the public, which is why they have created ‘Qatar Fashion’, a proposal that shows that t-shirts can be combined with all kinds of garments such as joggers, skirts, jeans or undergarments. of a blazer, among others; and its newest product is the turban in reference to the Arab culture.

News. The white and red turbans are the most requested. Photo: Gerardo Marin/The Republic

For its part, in Polvos Azules, sales could increase by 40%, mainly due to the t-shirts and sneakers that they offer, and in second place are televisions, according to Florentino Zeballos, president of this shopping center.

While in Las Malvinas, a conglomerate that offers electrical hardware products, there will be a 10% increase in sales, especially cell phone accessories such as covers with designs alluding to the Peruvian team and its most representative figures, as well as televisions, which are mainly acquired by owners of restaurants and hotels, commented César Vásquez, representative of this center.

Impact on employment

Another important expectation in Gamarra is that 3,500 workshops could be reopened, which would create approximately 15,000 jobs, taking into account that between 4 and 5 people work in each workshop. “We are talking about workshops that had to close during the pandemic, but due to the demand generated by the World Cup they would have the possibility of reopening,” said Saldaña.

Nowadays, Las Malvinas brings together 80,000 merchants distributed in 60 galleries and generates 100,000 indirect jobs, which includes longshoremen, bus drivers, food court assistants, among others. “If the team qualifies, 15,000 people could be added as a workforce because the merchants are going to need more support,” explained Vásquez.

The data

Impact. The classification to World Cup Qatar 2022 it would contribute one point to the GDP, which means close to US$1,000 million. The most favored sectors would be sales of food, household appliances, sportswear and alcoholic beverages, according to the CCL.

Source: Larepublica

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