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School supplies increase in price between 20% and 30%

School supplies increase in price between 20% and 30%

Arequipa. The Republic toured some fairs where merchants attribute an adjustment to the exchange rate and an increase in transportation freight. In this note we give you guidelines and recommendations to choose a good and cheap product.

A few days separate schoolchildren from the country to return to classrooms this school year 2023. The Ministry of Education (Minedu) set as Start date March 13. In the case of private classes, their students will start work between the first and second week of that month. In most of the institutions they have already provided the lists of school supplies to the parents. Various fairs are already being organized in the city as purchasing alternatives.

One of the most varied is located around the stadium Melgar. Ricardo delCarpio, promoter in charge of the North side, maintained that there are between 500 to 700 exhibitors that make up more than eight associations arranged in the surroundings of the sports colossus. The speaker pointed out that, unlike 2022, for this 2023 costs have increased between 20% and 30% of almost all stationery and stationery items.

For example, a box of bond paper containing ten packages was S/ 115. Now it ranges between S/ 165, a variation of S/ 30. A box of 100 A4-size Stanford notebooks cost in 2022 was S/ 480, per unit S/ 4.8. Currently it reached S/ 600, each then S/ 6. In other economic brands they also had increases.

One of the explanations is that almost all items are imported. “All the merchandise is manufactured abroad. The increases have nothing to do with strikes and stoppages, They are not perishable products. attributes it to the rise in the dollar and higher freight rates in maritime transport. Everything has varied from a pencil to markers and notebooks,” he said.

The complete package of private initial level, calculates del Carpio, reaches S / 2000, this considering, supplies, uniform, backpacks, footwear, license plates. This is reduced by 50%, to S/ 1000, if the minor will attend state school. But if you only stick to tools they reach the average S / 600. For primary and secondary schoolchildren, the value reaches between S/ 250 to S/ 300, with differences in the quality, brand, and quantity of products purchased. This is not counting the books that teachers can request.

important tips

The Republic visited two fairs in Cercado de Arequipa. In addition to the surroundings of the Melgar Stadium, another is set up next to the Arequipa Coliseum. Each position has a price difference in certain cases notorious. For this reason, for del Carpio it is important that the father start contributing at once to choose the best option for him. Compare bookstore by bookstore. Do it days before or during the beginning of the school year since in a hurry, it could cost between S/ 80 to S/ 100 more.

“The campaign begins on February 25, one week before the start of work. With the demand there is a lot of speculation in the products and this makes the merchants take advantage of increasing prices. If this package of erasers was sold out for S/ 20, upon finding out the merchant raises the cost”, warns the exhibitor. Del Carpio indicates that this happens in all products and that the head of the family pays because he is in a hurry and desperate. These days, the fairs are not full, but a week before the stalls are bursting with customers. You should take advantage now and trade calmly.

Another recommendation is that you buy the complete list of supplies in a single stall or bookstore. With this you can access prices by majority and discounts from the seller. “It is preferable that you buy in one place than in different places. Obviously, where you are going to buy can give you discounts and prizes, ”he pointed out.

Source: Larepublica

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