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Midagri: 35% of agricultural exports would be at risk due to protests

Midagri: 35% of agricultural exports would be at risk due to protests

Since the protests began, losses in the agricultural sector have exceeded S/1 billion. Of this amount, S/402 million correspond to agribusiness, according to the Vice Minister of Development of Family Agriculture and Agrarian Infrastructure.

The road blocks and stoppages as a consequence of the protests that are carried out in different regions of the country have caused, since December of last year, losses of more than S/1,000 million per agricultural sectorof which approximately S/402 million correspond to agribusinessaccording to Christian Barrantes BravoVice Minister of Development of Family Agriculture and Agrarian Infrastructure of the Midagri.

The official stated that although they still do not have the final report on the level of agricultural exports for January 2023, it is estimated that the impact will be around 35%. “We have identified that, of the total agricultural exports in the country, of the S/950 million exports that would correspond to the month of January, approximately 35% come from the south of the country and would be at greater risk,” he said at the Commission. of Foreign Trade and Tourism of the Congress

Progress of the Fertiabono is more than 89%

Among the measures taken by the midagri To mitigate this crisis, Barrantes pointed out that there is monitoring of the daily entry of food to wholesale markets, as well as the expansion of Fertiabonowhich has made it possible to expand its coverage to more than 173,000 producers.

“To date, the Fertiabono has managed to benefit more than 323,785 agricultural producers with an economic outlay of S/465 million 917 thousand 532. This bond has a financial progress of 89.3% throughout the country,” he explained.

On the other hand, the vice minister highlighted the rescheduling of debts for a period of up to six months to mypes carried out by the Superintendence of Banking, Insurance and AFP (SBS). “This is going to allow all people who have credits, including agricultural producers, to have reprogramming processes,” he said.

irrigation infrastructure

At another time, the official announced in the next few days it would be generating lat the proposal of an allocation of S/800 million to Midagri to work on the maintenance of irrigation canals with user boards.

“This will allow wages to be generated at the level of all user boards in the country in such a way that they improve channels and generate local employment, facilitating the improvement of farmers.

Source: Larepublica

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