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Lima and Callao will have 150,000 new natural gas connections in 2023

Lima and Callao will have 150,000 new natural gas connections in 2023

In accordance with resolution 014-2023-OS/C, osinergmin approved the 2023 Annual Plan for the Natural Gas Distribution Concession through the Lima and Callao Pipeline Network. Thus, there will be a deployment of 502,026 meters of polyethylene networks, which is equivalent to the fact that between 140,000 and 150,000 new residential gas connections will be made this year in 26 districts of the capital.

However, Cálidda, the current concessionaire, told La República that this year it could reach up to 180,000 new connections despite the fact that the 2023 annual plan foresees that the company will only make 94,460. And this happens because the company is not prevented from making more connections than expected.

It should be noted that warm it estimates that, at the end of the five-year period 2022-2026, it will reach 388,000 new home users.

main districts

As the resolution indicates, among the districts where there will be a greater deployment of Cálidda pipelines, Ancón, San Juan de Lurigancho, Santa Rosa, Lurigancho, Villa María del Triunfo, among others, stand out.

“All these polyethylene networks are for the connection of residential users. In some cases it can contemplate the commercial, but it is minimal”, Amadeo Arrarte, partner & country manager of Calden Consulting, told this medium.

Cálidda is making connections in medium, medium-low and low socioeconomic sectors, where there is more need for users to save”, he pointed out.

Advance of massification

At the end of 2022, approximately one and a half million gas connections were reported in Lima and Callao, while at the national level there are 1 million 800,000 homes that have this cheap energy that is exploited in shirt.

“It is a requirement that the bill to Promote the Massification of Natural Gas (PL 679) be definitively approved in order to generate competitiveness in rates. It is very important to continue working on issues of communication and promotion of natural gas, as well as on more transportation infrastructure to have energy security,” Arrarte explained.


Sanctions. Another issue that limits the advance of the massification of gas, assured Arrarte, are the penalties imposed on the concessionaires. “This generates distrust among investors, who would lower their bet level,” he asserted.

Lima and Callao. It was learned that Cálidda has a fine of close to US$70 million for alleged non-compliance.

Source: Larepublica

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