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Price of the dollar today in Peru: what is the exchange rate for this Tuesday, January 31

Price of the dollar today in Peru: what is the exchange rate for this Tuesday, January 31

He Central Reserve Bank (BCR) reported that the dollar price Today, Tuesday, January 31, it closed lower. Also, he knows the exchange rate in the parallel market and in the main banks of Peru.

The price of dollar price todayTuesday, January 31, is linked to the movements carried out daily by the Central Reserve Bank of Peru (BCRP). In addition to this official information, we tell you what the exchange rate of the US currency for the purchase and sale in financial institutions, money changers, online exchange houses and Jr. Ocoña.

Dollar price today in Peru: minute by minute of the exchange rate

Drought bonus: Midagri began with the payment of financial support to ranchers and farmers

The Ministry of Agrarian Development and Irrigation (Midagri), as part of its plan to reactivate the economies of small producers, launched the Recover Now drought bond. This will be granted to producers who own four hectares and to workers dedicated to raising alpacas. For the former, the amount can reach S/800 per hectare, while for the second group, the bonus amounts to S/266 per head of alpaca, a maximum of twelve.

Photo: Midagri

How to identify fake dollars?

Dirty floatation: the system that keeps us afloat

How come Peru has one of the best and most stable economies in Latin America? This is due to the strategy applied by the Central Reserve Bank called “dirty float”. So the bank can manage the value of the currency and alleviate the side effects.

How much the dollar closed, according to the BCRP

He exchange rate closed lower this Tuesday, January 31 with S / 3.8470, reported the Central Reserve Bank of Peru (BCRP)

What is the ‘Ocoña’ dollar?

The Ocoña dollar, also known as the informal exchange rate, refers to the “street dollar” that is bought and sold in the parallel market or exchange houses.

Its name is given in reference to the Ocoña jirón, located in downtown Lima, where the first exchange houses were installed in the eighties.

Dollar opens today’s session at S/.3.8450

The price of the dollar today in Peru opens the day at S/ 3.8450, according to the Bloomberg portal.

Photo: Bloomberg

What is the exchange rate?

He exchange rate It is the price of the dollar in any country, which is divided into buying and selling, according to Jorge Carrillo Acosta, an expert in Finance at Pacífico Business School, in a previous dialogue with La República.

Poverty levels did not decrease in 2022

The Minister of Economy and Finance, Alex Contreras, during the presentation of the Con Punche Peru plan, pointed out that poverty in 2022 had no reduction as a result of inflation and the low progress of the economies. In this way, more than 8 million Peruvians would remain in a situation of vulnerability and poverty.

“On 2022 poverty will probably not be reduced due to the impact of higher inflation and lower growth. The objective of Impulso Perú and Con Punche Perú is to recover and boost the speed of growth of the Peruvian economy with specific interventions,” said the Minister of Economy and Finance.

Is Peru a good place to invest?

At LR+ Economía we spoke with Christian Aliaga, Daewoo’s Latam CEO, about investment expectations in Peru.

Video: The Republic

Price of the dollar today, January 31

The price of the US currency is quoted as follows, according to the portal

What factors influence the behavior of the dollar in Peru?

Two factors play a role. The first is the relationship that Peru has with the benchmark nation of the dollar, the United States. And the second is the expectation, which consists of “a feeling of risk”.

According to the Finance professor at UPC, Jorge Luis Ojeda, “when interest rates here are higher than in the United States, the exchange rate falls because it is more attractive to place money in soles, then (foreign) capital comes; but when the relationship is reversed, the dollar rises”.

On the other hand, “if we see that here in Peru there is some type of risk, immediately people try to buy dollars and that obviously boosts the dollar.”

Why is the exchange rate important?

“We are a country that is highly dependent on the exchange rate. A large part of our economy is associated with imported goods that are purchased in dollars,” emphasized Jorge Luis Ojeda.

For example, the country buys wheat at the cost of foreign currency and the food in the livestock industry depends on that, in addition to the preparation of bread and derivatives. That, at the same time, influences the basic family basket. A similar scenario occurs with fuel, which is also purchased from the international market.

What is the price of the dollar today in Peru?

According to the portal cuantoestá, the price of the parallel dollar in Peru It is listed at S/3.83 for purchase and S/3.865 for sale. While the average in the banking market stands at S/3,824 for purchase and S/3,829 for sale.

It should be noted that in yesterday’s session, Monday 30, the exchange rate closed at S/. 3.8520, as reported by the Central Reserve Bank of Peru (BCRP).

Source: Larepublica

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