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Guitrans warns: “If the toll is not passed on, all transport companies in Gipuzkoa will close”

The association has warned that “if there are no solutions soon”, Gipuzkoan transport “will be forced to stop due to lack of profitability”.

Euskaraz irakurri: Guitrans: “Kontratatzaileek bidesaria gain hartu ezean, Gipuzkoako garraio enpresek itxi egin beharko dute”

The Gipuzkoan Business Association for the Transport of Goods by Road, guitranshas warned that the toll for heavy vehicles on the N-1 and A-15 is “unassumable” and if “100% of this cost is not passed on to the loading companies” they will “close all the transport companies in Gipuzkoa”.

Guitrans, in a statement, recalled that the N-1 and A-15 are two “fundamental” highways of the road network from the point of view of communications, since “they connect us with Europe, with the Meseta and with the Mediterranean area through Navarra”.

He has also highlighted the economic aspect, since “much of the intensive industry in Gipuzkoa is located along this arterygiving these routes a backbone of the business fabric”.

From Guitrans they have affirmed that “Whoever is truly discriminated against with this toll on these two roads is the Gipuzkoan carrier”that “inescapably” has to use “constantly without there being any kind of alternative”.

In his opinion, the third Provincial toll regulation, which came into force last January 23“it only confirms this discrimination”, since the companies that make internal routes with heavy vehicles “are going to pay between 0.21 and 0.28 euros per kilometer for practically all the kilometers they make in their daily work”.

Thus, he has given as an example a carrier that travels through the NI from the Astigarraga to Olaberria link “traveling 40.94 km, eight times a day, a very common case, depending on the environmental type of the vehicle will pay between 1500 and 2000 euros per month“.

For its part, the National Federation of Transport Associations of Spain, Phenadismeralso denounced two weeks ago the “brutal and disproportionate increase” of the amount for driving through this territory.

Source: Eitb


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