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The unions call the entire Osasunbidea staff to strike on February 15

The unions call the entire Osasunbidea staff to strike on February 15

This is a call for a strike, independent of the one being carried out by the Medical Union since Wednesday, which aims to improve the “working conditions” of the entire Navarro Health Service.

The Health inter-union, made up of ELA, LAB, UGT, SAE and CCOO, has convened strike on february 15 for the entire staff of the Navarro Health Service-Osasunbidea to improve their “working conditions”, a mobilization independent of the one carried out by doctors since February 1.

As the spokespersons for the strike committee, Iván Irisarri and Begoña Ruiz, have indicated in statements to the media, it has been a proposal open to all unions, but Satse and the Medical Union did not accept, and Afapna left yesterday. “The spirit is to work for all Osasunbidea workers”, they added.

It is a call for independent strike to which the Medical Union is carrying out since this Wednesday. The Minister of Health, Santos Induráin, explained at a press conference that the Government has convened the sectoral table and the general table in which these unions are found, but the conveners consider it insufficient.

“We want to have direct dialogue with the department, as others have had. We hope that before going on strike they feel to negotiate seriously and avoid the strike. We are open to negotiations and we do not want the last day to arrive and wait to see what happens,” Ruiz explained.

Regarding the specific demands, they have indicated that they must “agree on them with all the union forces”, but in any case they are addressed to the improvement in working conditions. “There may be economic conditions, but they would go to the improvement of working conditions,” said Irisarri.

The unions have called a concentration on February 10 and will start the strike on the 15th, which, in principle, will be one day, but they are open to all scenarios.

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