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Mypes supply less due to the risk of not selling

Mypes supply less due to the risk of not selling

Rotation drops. Businesses also choose to extend delivery periods and reject new loans until the marches are appeased. Family expenses are reduced.

Microentrepreneurs from all over the country have seen their sales rhythm stop by up to 35% and they rule out bank loans for short-term campaigns due to transit restrictions at the national level.

United Mypes of Peru points out that traders have also chosen to extend their delivery periods by up to 4 additional days than what was agreed, in a scenario in which both buyer and seller lost spending initiative.

“Faced with uncertainty, many of the union members are not investing, because they do not know if they are going to have the projected rotation every weekend, since nothing arrives on time,” says Abel Dongo, the union’s coordinator in Arequipa.

The representative considers that, although the supply for the school campaign is relatively covered, nothing ensures that a hardening of the protests could lead to a delay in school classes, and with it more time to place what has already been imported.

“Most are giving up loans, because they can’t find the support of a return in the market,” he says.

Sell ​​by the kilo, again

The wineries, the direct link of the trade with the housewives, do not have a good time either. Judith Bejarpresident of the Association of Women Winemakers of Peru (Agremub) points out that customers have returned to the retail purchase of rice, sugar, noodles and oats, a trend that tightened in the pandemic.

In addition, small stores throughout the territory —especially in the eastern region, where some foods, such as tomatoes and carrots, soared yesterday— prefer not to stock up so as not to lose, since prices are too volatile compared to a low stock for breaks in the chain.

“It is not that there is no food, but that they are not happening. Today it is only bought for breakfast, lunch and dinner; Products such as sweets or soft drinks no longer have an outlet because they are not a priority”, notes Béjar.

Mypes in Peru: a quarter to forget

Mypes Unidas del Perú estimates that the political crisis and the stoppage of activities will prevent the creation of nearly 100,000 jobs.

The vice minister of Industry and SMEsJavier Dávila, insists that his portfolio will seek to reactivate the sector in the first quarter of 2023.

The Peruvian Federation of Municipal Savings and Credit Banks (Fepcmac) proposed measures to facilitate low-interest loans to small businesses.

Source: Larepublica

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