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Entrepreneurship in a pandemic: bad weather, good taste and good food

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We Peruvians have a good tooth and we don’t hesitate to spend when it comes to food, especially when our cuisine reinvents itself. Thus, the effort, perseverance and great taste of two initiatives They seek to become an alternative to the palate of the demanding consumer.

hunger does not wait

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It is 8:35 pm on Thursday, the tables of Panchi’s Pizza They seem full of diners who are distracted playing cards or having a beer while they wait for their order.

Good food is announced to the nose from the kitchen with cheese and oregano, while Luis Olaya opens and closes his oven every two minutes to check the cooking state of the dough. His two partners, Naomi and María, dedicate themselves to decorating the next pizzas with bacon, tomato sauce, pineapple and other ingredients; in addition to answering messages and calls for orders.

This young administrator, a graduate of the Pachacútec Foundation, amassed his business on June 16, 2020, thanks to a restricted whim, a social network and unemployment.

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“Everything was closed due to quarantine and there was nowhere to go to eat, the only pizza doughs were found in the supermarket, but their flavors did not convince me; So I downloaded TikTok and found the recipe for the dough and stuffed it with what I had in the kitchen.” Olaya says after a brief pause.

The entrepreneurship that is successful in Ventanilla began with a pilot of six flavors that were sold instantly; Despite his success, Luis did not dare to take the step, since it weighed down his first failed business attempt. But in order to continue, sometimes you have to start over, and encouraged by his companions they began this journey.

His mother lent him the money to buy the pizza oven, and three months later he bought the stainless steel table, the mixer, and utensils such as the rolling pin and baking pans.

Thus, for 20 months “Panchis”, Luis’s nickname and with which the business was baptized, has transcended with delivery sales. In February of this year, he and his team opened their first store in AH Los Licenciados.

The enclosure with yellow walls decorated with sayings welcomes its faithful and new guests who taste some of the 30 varieties of artisanal pizzas that the menu offers; among which we find the new ones: Carnívora, Acevichada, Calamardo, Hawaiian Chiken BBQ, La Panchis and La Chama.

The trio -which is not an expert in cooking- consolidates their culinary knowledge and techniques with video tutorials, but in the coming months they will begin a specialization process.

Oily and spicy coincidence

As a result of an accident Willians Sernaqué discovered Supay, the edible oil obtained from the seeds of native peppers, and that today is marketed in Peruvian restaurants.

It was the year 2015, when the overheating of the drying machine allowed the panca chili seeds to expel the oil that Sernaqué was looking for as part of an investigation at the Agrarian University.

“It was an afternoon-night in August and I had withdrawn from the university, but I stopped to talk with some friends, they asked me about the progress of the project and I remembered that I had left the machine running; I flew to the lab and there was the oilsomething black, but it had been achieved, ”says the agricultural engineer with a laugh.

Two years after trial and error, he successfully applied, along with his friends Marco Reynaud and Eduardo Morales, to an Innóvate Perú competitive fund. In July 2019, won the silver medal at the Oils of the World International Contest held in Paris (France). In 2020, he won the bronze medal with mirasol chili seed oil.

After the award obtained, Supay joined the ranks of the Astrid y Gastón restaurant. And it is that the intense aroma and color of it; and the inevitable spicy is the perfect companion and substitute for dressings and salads.

Innovation. Williams Sernaqué discovered Supay, an edible oil that is now sold in restaurants and supermarkets. Photo: diffusion

“They bought three liter bottles for their recipes and 30 half-liter samples that they put on their counter,” says Sernaqué.

Supay has already entered the shelves of a supermarket chain and contributes to the farmers of Barranca, from whom it buys their seeds and chili veins to produce the batch of gourmet panca and mirasol oils that help the value chain of Peruvian chili peppers. .

Tips before acquiring a credit

You must take profitability into account. This is the result of dividing the utility obtained. If this operation gives a positive balance, verify if it is enough to pay a possible credit, suggests Mario Roncal, director of the School of Administration of the UARM.

Compare entities and rates. Roncal points out that you should not be guided only by who gives you more money or who provides it in a shorter process. “You must analyze how much you are going to pay monthly and if these fees go hand in hand with the income that the business will generate.”

Source: Larepublica

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