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Cyber ​​Days: expectations after fraud complaints in Chile

By: Cristina Alvarado

Cyber ​​Days are the most important Peruvian internet sales campaign. According to the Lima Chamber of Commerce (CCL), on November 15, 16 and 17 online transactions are expected to exceed S / 130 million.

More than 150 official businesses will join this initiative and prepare to present to all Peruvians the best and most attractive of their offer, according to the CCL.

However, taking into account that in October there were reports of fraud in the Cyber ​​Days held in Chile, in which some brands would have increased their prices prior to the event and then announced attractive sales; as well as a publication on the portal in which it was discovered that only 22% of the internet offers were true. It should be noted that it is necessary to prevent this type of fraud that violates the rights of Peruvian consumers in the next Cyber Days.

Jaime Montenegro, director of the Digital Business area of ​​the Lima Chamber of Commerce (CCL), explained that they train companies that participate in the Cyber ​​Days to prevent them from engaging in bad practices.

Nevertheless, The Republic verified that these trainings are not mandatory for the participation of companies at the virtual fair, so many choose not to attend them.

Montenegro pointed out that the CCL does not sanction companies, but rather promotes commercial events aimed at respecting the consumer rights. However, it affirms that it works with Indecopi so that consumers have confidence in making purchases online.

By the way, Indecopi announced that the unfair competition control commission is empowered to impose a fine of up to 700 UIT, equivalent to S / 3,080,000 for the dissemination of misleading advertising.

The president of Aspec, Crisologo Cáceres, stated that the largest number of users who reported previous Cyber ​​Days was because companies did not have virtual claim book. “Inspection and prosecution of the offending companies is needed. The trainings are good, but consumers need to be able to complain, ”he said.

Rights affected

78% of Peruvians made purchases online so far in 2021, according to the CCL. However, Aspec announced that there are regulations (such as the consumer protection code or the complaint book regulations), but that it is not properly applied to sanction infringing companies.


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