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It is urgent to stimulate consumption after subsidy to mypes forms

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Last Tuesday the Government announced that it will subsidize up to 55% of the payroll of mypes in order to encourage the hiring and preservation of formal youth employment. For this, approximately S / 320 million will be injected to subsidize the payroll, for a maximum of six months for each contracted person.

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In this regard, the president of the Association of SMEs of Peru, Ana María Choquehuanca, welcomed the initiative but warned that a permanent program is urgently needed given that currently the informal payroll covers 86% of the companies in Peru, surpassing even the informality in general of the market.

“There are companies, especially micro ones, that are formal before the Sunat but they do not have a form because the workload is very heavy. It is good to want to support mypes but this is a very small part of all the problems we have. We hope that they agree with us for its regulation and implementation”, he pointed out.

Mypes have been particularly affected by the economic crisis derived from the COVID-19 pandemic. Photo: diffusion

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Along these lines, the director of Mypes Unidas del Perú, Daniel Hermoza, added that consumption should also be stimulated, for which the creation of temporary jobs is key, both urban and rural, and thus improve the position of consumers.

Here they play a key role -acknowledges Hermoza- the return of Fonavi, the release of funds from AFP and CTS, since there will be a lack of greater consumption capacity after the mypes allocate S / 2,000 million to pay for the increase in the minimum wage, and after that, raise their prices.

“A comprehensive plan is urgently needed. The Government has little criteria to generate measures, and economic mismanagement is transferred to us by private parties and consumers, ”he noted.

More access to credits

Dozens of unions and associations of mypes stated that financing lines are needed to reactivate, since Reactiva and FAE-Mype credits “have not reached many independent companies.” In addition, they demand transparency in public procurement processes and expand Purchases to MYPErú.

Source: Larepublica

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