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Lot 192: communities request the resignation of Minister Carlos Paredes de Minem for breaching agreements

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The Alto Pastaza Interethnic Organization (Oriap) announced the filing of a complaint in the Iquitos Courts against the Ministry of Energy and Mines, its head, Carlos Palacios Pérez, as well as against the Deputy Minister of Energy and Mines, Rafael Reyes Vivas, for its “repeated and stubborn breach of the agreements reached” in the prior consultation of Block 192.

According to the organization, during the negotiation meetings held in the first week of July 2021, the Achuar and Kichwa base communities, in the Andoas district, agreed to grant their permission for the administrative measure to reactivate the Lot to be approved. the largest in the country and the one with the largest proven reserves in Peru.

“From then until now, the sector has been systematically ignoring the bilateral agreements made in good faith with the communities. Oriap has been emphatic in demanding that Minem create the conditions for the remediation of oil spills in their base communities, some of which are the largest in Peru and remain unattended for years,” Oriap said in a statement.

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Agreement No. 8, which is recorded in the minutes of prior consultation of lot 192, states that the Vice Minister of Hydrocarbons “will transfer the request of the independent communities in whose territories impacted sites have been identified”, so that they are included in the Board of Directors of the Fund. through their representatives. For this, the modification of the regulation had to be managed.

Lot 192: Minem must be renewed, according to Oriap

The organization claims to have been insistent on the need to reactivate the operation of Lot 192 immediately in the face of the desperation of the communities, an issue that was the core of the Prior Consultation held.

“For this reason, the organization insists on remembering and demanding from the current management the fulfillment of their rights, processing in vain numerous trades through the official channel to Minem. (File No. 3297868, 3298650) Unfortunately, the Ministry has not reacted except with indifference and contempt,” the document continues.

The prior consultation agreements included in the Act have a legal nature and the value of a public document of mandatory compliance. According to Oriap, to this day Minem continues “avoiding its responsibility and its commitments, protecting a failed and opaque remediation model.”

“Paraphrasing the head of the Minem, referring to the non-compliance of others, we call on him, if he is not able to comply, we ask him to step aside and resign. The incapacity of the predecessor government and of the previous management cannot protect theirs”, said the community in the area of ​​influence.

Source: Larepublica

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