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GRA will pay an additional US$ 2 million to supervisor for Majes Siguas II

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The signing of Addendum 13 to reactivate Majes Siguas II continues to be delayed. At first, the manager of Autodema, Arturo Arroyo, indicated that with the approval of the fifth disbursement of US$48 million from the Andean Development Corporation (CAF), they were ready to set a date and sign the modification to the contract with Cobra dealership.

Addendum 13 is the change of the irrigation infrastructure, from canals to pipes, which implies an additional investment of US$104 million.

However, now the regional governor, Kimmerlee Gutiérrez, assured that it is pending to reactivate the work of the specialized supervisory consortium Majes II SAC, made up of Nippon Koei and Nippon Koei Latin American. In 2015, a contract was signed for US$11,495,563. “For me to sign addendum 13, supervision must be in force. We are waiting for them to tell me when to sign with the supervisor,” said Gutiérrez.

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He stressed that a disbursement will be made to them and that a kind of addendum will also be established with said company. He did not mention under what new conditions. “A type of addendum is also needed with them, so that they can continue and immediately we can sign addendum 13″, he maintained.


Regarding the disbursement to the supervisor, Gutiérrez was referring to Executive Resolution No. 115-2022 of last April 11, in which Autodema approves paying US$ 815,718 (S/ 3 million 213 thousand 931). This is for the fourth installment of a first addendum (US$ 382,564) and one installment of the second addendum (US$ 433,154). The first addendum was signed in November 2018 for US$ 2,064,376 with the justification of “extension of services” due to the suspension of the project in 2017. The second is from January 2020, during the administration of Elmer Cáceres, for the payment of US$ 433,154 and under the same argument. In total, at the moment of payment, it amounts to US$ 2 million 497 thousand 530.

The regional entity will meet the outstanding quotas with the resources directly collected. Arturo Arroyo of Autodema, pointed out that the payments have not yet been made. “These are works outside the contract and during the suspension,” he said, confirming that they are disbursements outside the provisions of the contract. When asked if these “services” were necessary due to the paralysis of the project, he replied: “This is how previous efforts have made these addenda.”

The governor indicated that in these days issues will be resolved with the supervisor and they will send a letter to Cobra to set a date to sign addendum 13. v

Infrastructure of Majes I

Regional Governor Kimmerlee Gutiérrez announced that the terms of reference for the commissioning of the Majes I infrastructure are ready. She assured that in the next few days the tender for the preparation of the technical file would be launched. She responded to this when warned by representatives of the Agricultural Society of Arequipa (SADA) to file a criminal complaint. She highlighted that the TDRs were reviewed by technicians from Autodema and the MEF.

Source: Larepublica

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