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Midagri announced the installation of dairy plants to empower small farmers

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The Minister of Agrarian Development and Irrigation, Oscar Zea, announced today, May 13, the delivery of direct credits at low interest rates and the installation of dairy plants in the regions to support small producers and ranchers in the country.

“We are finishing the project for the installation of dairy plants in all regions of the country with the aim of empowering small farmers. In addition, as part of the agricultural industrialization process, we are going to install processing plants for sheep wool, potatoes, Andean grains, and other products in order to promote small producers and ranchers at the national level,” he asserted.

In his presentation, Minister Zea also highlighted the recent promulgation of the new Regulation on Milk and Dairy Products, which, as part of the Second Agrarian Reform, will promote small farmers who will obtain better prices for the provision of fresh milk for the industry.

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“We have heard the concerns about agricultural credit. For this reason, we are going to inject S/ 1,800 million to reach the most remote corners with direct credits, in support of our family farming producers, who will have access to loans at low interest rates of 3.5% per year,” he said.

He also indicated that as part of the development of the national livestock sector, in a first stage, 20,000 American straws will arrive to serve and contribute to the genetic improvement of cattle, “because the Cerro Pasco region has high quality cattle.” “We are going to work with you to promote the sector,” he specified.

Fertilizers and water management

The head of Midagri reiterated that the emergency decree will soon be issued, which authorizes the purchase of fertilizers (urea and others), “which will reach Cerro de Pasco and all corners of the country in the shortest time possible,” he said.

In the same way, Minister Zea announced that the Executive will approve an emergency decree for the creation of the National Water Fund, which will allow raising between S/ 700 and S/ 1,000 million to generate employment and water infrastructure projects in the highlands of the country.

“From Midagri we are going to work with the regional and local authorities because we have to guarantee the water resource. For this reason, we must join efforts in executing projects of dams, canals, reservoirs and other works. Our technicians will be attentive to support them because water is vital to carry out the Second Agrarian Reform”, he said.

Source: Larepublica

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