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Lasso assures that almost 443,000 new jobs have been created during his government

Lasso assures that almost 443,000 new jobs have been created during his government

President Guillermo Lasso announced that between May 2021 and December 2022 his government has managed to generate nearly 443,000 new suitable jobs.

He supported his statement on the results of the National Employment Survey, Unemployment and Underemployment (Enemdu) prepared by the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses (INEC). The entity published on Tuesday the indicators of the latest report with a cut-off date of December 2022.

highlighted the increase in suitable employment, which went from 33.9% in December 2021 to 36% in the same month of 2022. Currently, according to the INEC, there are 3,011,800 people with full employment, which means that three out of every ten workers are in this category (that is, they earn equal to or more than the unified basic salary).

With 91,990 new full jobs and with a drop in unemployment to 3.2%, Ecuador closed 2022, according to a report from the INEC

The president said that his government works to confront organized crime mafias and drug trafficking, and that it is dedicated to increasing employment, reducing inequality and reducing poverty.

He highlighted that the adequate employment rate achieved It is the highest number since he began his administration and it is close to the 38% that existed before the pandemic.

He explained that recovery is also evident in the countryside and rural areas, where adequate employment rose after the unemployment in June 2022, going from 14.5% in July to 20% in December. While in cities growth closed at 44.5%.

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On the unemployment situation, Lasso highlighted that last year ended with “the lowest level of unemployment in our contemporary history”. According to the survey, the unemployment rate stood at 3.2%while in December 2021 it was 4.1%.

“We have attacked unemployment,” said the president and indicated that in May 2021 the indicator was 6.3%. In this sense, he asserted that since he took office and up to the present more than 271,000 people have come out of unemployment. That it is the lowest level of unemployment in the country since 2007.

Guillermo Lasso also spoke about the poverty and extreme poverty rates until December 2022, which the INEC published.

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In this regard, he said that 1’100,000 Ecuadorians have come out of poverty, of which one million were in extreme poverty. “In a year and a half, the increase in poverty that the pandemic left us has been reversed,” he said.

According to the president, these results are the result of measures such as credit at 1% interest and a 30-year term, as well as the proper direction of the Human Development Bond.

and announced that also inequality was reduced, since the Gini coefficient was located at 0.466 points, in January 2023, when in May 2021 it was 0.493. Said indicator refers to the fact that the closer the score is to 0, there is less inequality.

Source: Eluniverso

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