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Today Fonavistas ask Prime Minister Aníbal Torres to return their contributions

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Today the Federation of Fonavistas of Peru (Fenafp) will have a meeting with the president of the Council of Ministers, Aníbal Torres, in order to emphasize the request that the Fonavi contribution return law be complied with.

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And that is why the Ad Hoc Commission, in charge of the return process, must be installed. However, not yet installed due to lack of appointment of members of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF), since Minister Oscar Graham told them that this is in the hands of the PCM.

It should be noted that, as long as there is no Ad Hoc Commission, the process is stalled. However, Luis Luzuriaga, president of Fenafp, pointed out that the Fonavistas can credit the amount of their contributions, to know how much they should be returned and speed up the process.

And it is that, as he explained, in the previous refund laws only those who are in the register and the contribution periods were identified, but not the amounts.

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“At the moment there are 1.8 million identified Fonavistas who are on the register, but the amount of contributions is not detailed. Only the periods have been identified, because previously it was decided to return S/ 10 for contributions. But now that the full amount is going to be returned, we need to credit it,” he said.

Luzuriaga clarified that the so-called F1 form only registers the number of contributions, so —while waiting for the Ad Hoc Commission to be installed— Fonavistas can go to the Fenafp office in downtown Lima (jr. Rufino Torrico 889 , office 201), taking your documentation that proves the amounts, so that they can be scanned and sent. And once there is a commission, they will be given the Certificate of Recognition of Contributions and Rights (Cerad) with which they can make the payment.

“They come with their tickets. If they do not have them, it is enough with the information of where they worked or if they have the location of the payroll books; many of them are in ONP custody. And we, as a federation, request that information”, explained Luzuriaga and added that this procedure can then be done through the website of the Technical Secretariat.

The data

Social justice. Luzuriaga pointed out that, due to a sense of urgency for dealing with older adults, as soon as the Ad Hoc Commission is installed, it will begin with the return of what has been accredited. And if, after that, the phonavistas prove more, they will also be recognized.

Source: Larepublica

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