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Good Payer Bonus of the Mivivienda Fund rose to S/ 25,700

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The Ministry of Housing, Construction and Sanitation (MVCS) updated, this Sunday, May 1, the values ​​of the Good Payer Bonus (BBP) for this 2022. As a result, said subsidy will reach S / 25,700.

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According to Supreme Decree No. 003-2022-HOUSING, published today in the Official Gazette El Peruano, for homes ranging from S/ 65,200 to S/ 93,100, the BBP is S/ 25,700. Until before the publication of the decree, this range covered properties between S/ 61,200 and S/ 87,400, and the subsidy was S/ 24,600.

The rule also states that to acquire homes that are sold between S/ 93,101 and S/ 139,400, the BBP will have a value of S/ 21,400. Previously, the BBP for this case was S/ 20,500 and applied to properties between S/ 87,400 and S/ 130,900.

In the case of homes that cost between S/ 139,401 and S/ 232,200, the New Mivivienda Credit subsidy will be S/ 19,600. Until today, this range applied to properties greater than S/ 130,900 up to S/ 218,100, and the bonus was S/ 18,800.

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Finally, for homes whose price ranges from S/ 232,200 to S/ 343,900, the BBP has become S/ 7,300.

Until before the update, this range applied to properties of more than S/ 218,100 up to S/ 323,100, and the value of the bonus was S/ 7,000.

The Ministry of Housing remarked. through a press release, that these values ​​are exceptional, since the MVCS increased the amount of its housing subsidies in 2020, so that the most vulnerable families can access decent housing during the pandemic.

Through Supreme Decree No. 003-2022-VIVIENDA, the MVCS has decided to prolong the exceptionality of the BBP values, in favor of the beneficiary families.

Source: Larepublica

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