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Minimum salary: from when and by how much will the minimum vital salary be increased?

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On Sunday, April 3, 2022, through Supreme Decree No. 003-2022-TR, the Government made official the increase in S/ 95 of the minimum vital remuneration (RMV) for workers in the labor regime of private activity.

When will the minimum wage increase?

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The rule establishes that the RMV will rise to from May 1, 2022, Labor Day and will benefit about 1.4 million employees, according to the Ministry of Labor.

How much will the minimum wage be from May 1, 2022?

The minimum wage for workers in the labor regime of private activity will go to S / 1,025 per month. The figure represents an advance of 10.22% in relation to the S / 930 that was in force until April 30, 2022.

Since when was the RMV not uploaded in Peru?

This is the eleventh readjustment made to the minimum wage in the last two decades and the last since 2018, when former President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski established it at S/ 930. Below are the years in which other increases were made:

  • 2016: S/850.
  • 2012: S/ 750.
  • 2011: S/ 675.
  • 2010: S/ 580.
  • 2008: S/ 550.
  • 2007: S/ 530.
  • 2006: S/ 500.
  • 2003: S/ 460.
  • 2000: S/ 410.

What other benefits will increase with the increase in the minimum wage?

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From this month, a series of benefits and costs that are calculated based on the RMV will also be increased, according to the labor lawyer Cristina Oviedo. Among the concepts that will be affected are the family allowance that will rise to S / 102.5, as well as the minimum remuneration for night work that will increase to S/ 1,383.75 per month, explains the specialist.

Source: Larepublica

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