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Do you receive more than S/800 per month?  Review how to obtain a home with a loan from Banco de la Nación

Do you receive more than S/800 per month? Review how to obtain a home with a loan from Banco de la Nación

The Banco de la Nación offers mortgage credit with the rates most competitive of financial market. The payment term is for a maximum of 25 years and up to 90% of the value of the property is covered. This loan It is used to buy a finished house, under construction or to transfer a mortgage debt. They access this funding to homebuying the state workers appointed and contracted for an indefinite term. Likewise, the public sector pensioners who have savings accounts at the Banco de la Nación and qualify as credit subjects.

What is needed to access a mortgage loan?

Review some basic requirements to obtain a mortgage loan in the National bank.

  • For active workers, have a minimum employment seniority of one year.
  • Have a holding account in the National bank and record at least six subscriptions.
  • Obtain a “normal” rating in the credit bureau of the Superintendency of Banking, Insurance and AFP (SBS).
  • Proof of a minimum monthly income of S/ 800.
  • The credit holder must not have debts with more than four entities of the financial system.

For this type of loan, Banco de la Nación does not request a guarantor, since the purchase property acts as collateral after the client grants mortgage first and preferential in favor of the entity. This credit is valid for finance housing for second use, as long as it is registered in public records without encumbrances or encumbrances.

Which bank offers the best mortgage loan in Peru?

The National bank offers an effective annual rate (TORCH) of between 5.99% and 7.25%, making it the most competitive in the market. The SBSthrough its Cost and Performance of Financial Products platform, indicates that the rates for mortgage loans vary between 8.20% and 87.91% in banks, municipal savings banks and financial companies.

In that line, Interbank offer one TORCH minimum of 8.20% for a mortgage loan for S/ 240,000 for 15 years. On the opposite side, the loan of My bank it reaches 87.91% annually for the same product.

Interbank (8.40%), followed by GNB bank (9.00%) and Crediscotia Financial (10%) are the institutions that offer the cheapest minimum TEA for a loan of S/ 120,000 for 15 years. Conversely, the highest maximum TEA for that credit is My bank (87.91%), followed by Piura Box (26.82%), Edpyme Micasita (25%), Qapaq Financial (17.5%) and Financiera Crediscotia (17%).

Banco de la Nación offers one of the most attractive rates on the market. Photo: Andean

Banco de la Nación: service channels

You can go to any agency National bank across the country for a credit check to see if you can access the mortgage loan. Check the list of venues at Metropolitan Lima and others regions.

You can also request an evaluation of your credit line via Whatsapp (942 896 863) or email ([email protected]). The free line 0800 1 0700 and the telephone number 519 2000 (annexes 97354, 97243, 97359, 97356, 98407, 97339, 97352) are also available.

The Banco de la Nación finances the purchase of real estate up to 90% to pay in a maximum period of 25 years. Image: Bank of the Nation

Banco de la Nación: how to do operations without going to the bank?

Do you have to do a paperwork at the Banco de la Nación but you can’t go physically? Remember that there are other service channels such as the following:

  • apps BN
  • cell banking
  • Internet banking
  • ATMs
  • Multinetwork Agents

The Banco de la Nación plans to provide loans for more than S/200 million to boost the construction industry during 2022. Photo: Andina

Banco de la Nación: agencies nationwide

If you are looking for a Banco de la Nación office close to your home, HERE we will tell you which are the authorized agencies in Metropolitan Lima and provinces.

You will be able to open a checking account for withdrawals at an authorized branch of Banco de la Nación. Photo: The Republic Group

Banco de la Nación: how to communicate with the bank?

  • Telephones: 440 – 53 05 / 442 – 44 70
  • Free line: 0 800 10 700

What are the bonds that the Peruvian State will continue to grant in 2023?

  • Food Voucher S/270
  • ONP Bonus S/350
  • Bonus for teachers
  • Bond for the public sector
  • drought bond

More information here.

Source: Larepublica

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