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Online Census Serves the Last Laggards

Online Census Serves the Last Laggards

Antonio registered on time and without problems where he lives, at his father’s house; but he has his own home that he rents and his tenant went on a trip and did not answer the census taker who left the notifications for them to contact him. He fears that since the house is in his name he will have some sanction, so he looked for a way to register the house.

Since no one answers the number left by the census taker, he entered and in the Queries tab six options were displayed, including Registration of non-census recipients. And by filling out the required information -such as email- he found the way, as the response to his request of not having been registered and a six-digit code arrived on his Hotmail.

Census takers will visit homes for two more weeks to collect information from stragglers

“Once you contact to register the code, in less than an hour your online census will be activated and you will have 48 hours to finish it and obtain your certificate, keep it as proof of having carried out the census.” That explanation was given by the INEC through the mail. And so he did. When writing to the WhatsApp of the census 0992958164, the options menu came up and number 7 is Activation of the online census and he had to enter his ID number and the code and he was able to enter the census questionnaire and this Monday, January 9, he filled it out online.

The census has been taking place for three months, first it was given on-line from October 1 to 31, 2022; in November it became face-to-face and although the closure was on December 18, until that day, 90% housing coverage was reached and to cover the remaining 10% (concentrated in the provinces that suffered security problems and in which it was declared the state of exception) the census operation was extended until the end of the year. In the last days of December, the census takers went to Cerro del Carmen in Guayaquil.

Another option that was announced for people who have not yet been registered was the online census through a special code.

The online census stage ended with 2.3 million registered citizens; The face-to-face process is coming from November 7

Regarding how long this process will last and if not taking a census implies a sanction or fine, the same official website indicates that taking a census is mandatory, that “it is a civic duty that will allow us to know the reality of our country.” The INEC indicated that on Tuesday, January 10, it will give the details of the census closing process.

This is a process that is carried out every ten years, but due to the pandemic it occurred after twelve years and with several changes, such as that this time it could be carried out online, and it also included new information such as whether a member of the household died from January 2020 and if the cause of death was an accident, suicide or murder, COVID-19 or other disease or natural death; about pet ownership and what sex-generic variables, which was optional, and for people 18 years and older about how they identify according to their gender. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso

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