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Proposal to ban spam calls advances

Proposal to ban spam calls advances

The Congressional Consumer Defense Commission unanimously approved the ruling handed down in bills 2942, 3131 and 3541 which, with a substitute text, propose to amend Law 29571, the Consumer Defense Protection Code, so that unwanted calls or spam are prohibited, as well as text messages for commercial purposes.

The only exception to this prohibition is the sending of commercial or advertising communication to that consumer who contacts the provider directly and authorizes, expressing their consent free, notes the document.

In 2021, Peru ranked second worldwide in countries with the highest number of calls of this type, according to the report Truecaller Insights published that same year.

Meanwhile he Indecopi Special Monitoring Center (CEMI) collected a total of 15,000 reports and inquiries related to communications without consent between 2020 and 2022, where 56.8% are concentrated in the commerce and industry sector (8,541), 42.8% in the financial and insurance sector (6,441) and other sectors 0.4% (64).

Legislator Katy Ugarte Mamani of the National Coalition Magisterial Block, author of one of the bills, pointed out that the The proposal also seeks to protect the personal data of citizens and improve the adequacy of customer services.

Whats Next?

The opinion has already been sent to the Board of Directors of the Congress. Therefore, the Board of Spokespersons, which meets on Wednesdays, will decide if it is included in the Plenary’s agenda, which usually meets on Thursdays.

The data

Sanction. Violating the prohibition gives rise to a very serious infraction, which would imply a fine of between 150 and 450 UIT; that is, up to S/2 million 227,500. Information can only be sent to those who have consented.

Source: Larepublica

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