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Low value of the dollar favors its purchase

Low value of the dollar favors its purchase

During the first days of 2023, the dollar showed a downward trend. Thus, the closing of the first week of this year, Friday, January 6, was listed at S/3.7940, one of the biggest drops in the last six months.

It is worth mentioning that every beginning of the year, lThe US currency falls back due to the positive perspectives of each country. However, currently, it remains volatile, particularly due to the international situation, such as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which is hurting the European economy, high inflation in the United States, and the low growth expectations of world powers.

“The probability that the dollar will continue high and rise is greater than that it will go backwards,” warned Omar Azañedo Sayán, founder of Noncash and UP economist.

favorable for purchase

The main beneficiaries of the drop in the dollar are the importing companies and those that have bills in the US currency. In addition, citizens with obligations, rents and who buy or maintain continuous expenses in dollars are the most favored. ”It is important to take advantage of these setbacks to acquire dollars, advance obligations or make the necessary reserves. It is also recommended that exchange rates be projected or budgeted so as not to fall into speculation,” said the specialist.

dollar in 2022

In December last year, the dollar maintained a downward trend, despite the turbulent social and political situation that took place, and closed the year in S/3,8070. Nevertheless, in October it reached peaks of up to S/4,002 and then decreased.

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