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Mercadona reaches the chilling figure of 140,000 liters sold per day of this drink

Mercadona has achieved what seemed impossible, to sell a never-before-seen number of the quintessential summer drink, horchata, 140,000 liters a day. Continuing with these numbers, in almost all Spanish houses there will at some point be a liter of very fresh horchata in the fridge. This Valencian jewel that Mercadona makes and sells like no other supermarket in our country. An amount never seen to date that has been reached with new versions and a variety that no one else has.

Mercadona’s horchata reaches a chilling figure of 140,000 liters sold per day

Horchata is one of the best-selling products In the summer of Mercadona, its secret is none other than to obtain a good quality raw material, the tigernut is the basis of this marvel that will reach almost all Spanish houses this summer. The quintessential vegetable drink that we can consume throughout the year reaches its all-time highs on these dates.

The supplier of so many liters of horchata is in Totaler DAFSA in Segorbe (Castellón), there it is made with a totally local production, this drink. Mercadona is committed to creating its own products and doing it in national territory, which is why it brings benefits to the entire country. Drinking their horchata we know that we are tasting a 100% national product, something that in these times of crisis never hurts.

Mercadona updates the horchata to the needs of its customers and has several versions that catapult it to the top of sales. The light horchata is delicious and it has very few calories, perfect to drink little by little with a little ice and cinnamon watching a vacation sunset, knowing that tomorrow we will not get up early.

In 2020 Mercadona eliminated allergens and intolerances from the recipe of this horchata, selling a very natural product, suitable for everyone. This quintessential vegetable drink is made from tiger nuts and contains almost nothing other than water. It is perfect for hydrating the body and enjoying a base ingredient with a lot of fiber.

That characteristic flavor of Mercadona’s horchata can be enjoyed over and over again for only 1.13 euros per liter. A ridiculous price if we take into account the great quality of this product and explains the exorbitant sales that are being reached this summer. A fresh horchata is a small pleasure that we can all afford thanks to Mercadona.

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